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COVID UPDATE -- July 2021

On the Matter of Reopening

Dear Clients and Friends of Chester River Behavioral Health,


On Tuesday, July 6, 2021 Chester River Behavioral Health will re-open to in-person services.  For those who feel comfortable doing so, clients will be able to attend sessions mask-free in the office.

Current clients should discuss with their therapist in-person versus telehealth options for future appointments. If interested in continuing telehealth, clients should contact their insurance company to determine whether telehealth appointments will continue to be authorized and paid for after July 1.


As we move forward,


We ask of you the following:

  1. Please be patient with us, as we navigate the protocols of this new business normal.

  2. For clients choosing in-person services, please wear a mask in the common areas – waiting room, halls etc. If you forget a mask we will have masks available.

  3. For unvaccinated adults, we ask that you continue to telehealth.

  4. If you are sick or been exposed to someone who is sick and have an in-person appointment scheduled, please reschedule or ask to change to a telehealth appointment.

  5. Check-in at the ‘front-window’ where you will be asked to sanitize your hands.

  6. Be cognizant of where you sit in the waiting room. Please space yourselves appropriately from non-related persons.

  7. Adhere to a client-only presence in the building. Parents of child clients and aides/family supports for seniors or the disabled are welcome.

  8. Let us know of any concerns you may have as to our protocols.


What you can expect of us:

  1. A clean, hospitable environment.

  2. Hand sanitizing “stations” at check-in, in the waiting area, and in all therapy rooms.

  3. Monitoring of CDC and best-practice recommendations.

  4. Masks for use in the waiting room.

  5. Sanitizing wipes in the bathroom.

  6. Weekly housekeeping.

  7. If your therapist is sick or been exposed to someone who is sick and you have an in-person appointment scheduled, we will call to reschedule or ask to change to a telehealth appointment.

  8. Thoughtful scheduling – child clients, not yet eligible for vaccines, will be scheduled on days opposite our seniors.

  9. Flexibility – as long as your insurance covers telehealth, you have a choice. Please discuss these options with your therapist.

The last fifteen months have required many adaptations and the above is written with sensitivity and awareness to all that we have been through. We remain hopeful but will continue to practice and encourage safety for all.

As always, thank you for choosing Chester River Behavioral Health, LLC.

                                            Stay Safe ~ Drs. Schaefer and Wirtz, Staff and Affiliates 

Chester River Behavioral Health & Wellness

is a multi-disciplinary group practice comprised of highly trained and experienced mental health and substance abuse providers. These professional affiliates include: psychologists and masters' prepared professional counselors, clinical social workers, and psychology associates. For more information regarding our affiliates' training and areas of expertise please view our clinical provider's page. We offer a wide range of evaluation and therapy services for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Educational programs and group services are also available. For more specific information please view our services page. We participate with many private health insurance plans, as well as Medicare. Our administrative staff can assist you with information about your health coverage benefits, cost of services, and payment options. Please browse our website for more information. 

Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of Emotional Health and Wellness
through the Six Dimensions of Wellness*


"Where we are able to feel emotionally strong or stable, our lives are richer; problems easier to solve or manage; and, health is better: We will enjoy the riches of personal relationships and find balance between work, leisure, family and friends."  ~~ Dr. Teresa M. I. Schaefer



The emotional dimension of wellness recognizes the value of awareness and acceptance of one's feelings. Emotional wellness is recognized in the capacity to manage feelings and behaviors, the development of autonomy, and the ability to cope effectively with stress.



Physical health and emotional health go

hand in hand. Feeling and looking good

result in improved self-esteem, self-control, determination, and direction. Nutritional awareness, substance control, and realistic physical health routines improve personal outcomes.



Spiritual wellness is found when feelings and actions are consistent with beliefs and values. The search for meaning and purpose is often characterized by harmony between internal personal feelings and behaviors and the experience of your path in life.



The intellectual dimension of wellness recognizes one's creative and stimulating mental activities. A well person expands his or her knowledge and skills while discovering the potential for sharing these gifts with others.



Social wellness is found in acknowledging the interdependence we have with others. Willful choices to nurture personal relationships and contribute to the community in which we live fosters our social health. 



The occupational dimension of wellness recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment of one's life through work -- in and out of the home, paid and unpaid. Our ability to contribute our unique gifts, skills, and talents through work is both personally rewarding and meaningful.

*The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model was developed by Bill Hettler, MD copyright National Wellness Institute.