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Holistic Health Coach, Kathi Naumann


Hi, my name is Kathi Naumann and I am Holistic Health Coach, Senior Fitness Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant.  My interest in nutrition began in 1989 when I experienced major changes in my health and was diagnosed with the auto-immune disorder--hypothyroidism. After years of self-study, I began formal study and received my Certificate in Holistic Health & Nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Attending IIN was a life changing experience for me and my family. It revolutionized the way I view health. My focus is now directed toward prevention of illness and when that is not possible, to finding core reasons why illness has occurred and try to repair it with super foods that promote a healthy body and mind.


Symptoms are not merely annoyances to be suppressed but messages which serve as guides to underlying issues needing attention. Those underlying issues often have far reaching, multi-faceted roots in the physical body. Together, we will work as a team to reintroduce the traditional, unrefined foods of the past and do so at a pace that makes it possible. Every change, however small, is a step in the right direction.


My work as a health & nutrition coach is multifaceted. I offer consultations to assist in dietary modifications and to suggest food – concentrate supplements to compensate for years of poor eating. I also offer classes on the research of Ayurveda Medicine and Dr. Terri Wahl’s. I have worked with people of all ages. In addition to health consultations and classes I support caregivers by promoting self healing techniques and individual exercise programs that promotes sanity during trying times. I have spoken at government offices, businesses, women’s groups, parent meetings and the American Heart Association.


My philosophy is that foods are the foundation of health. It saddens me to see people consume items that are contributing to their problems. Unbelievable benefits occur from dietary changes such as greater energy, less moodiness, slowing aging, better concentration, weight management, and overall well-being.




Fees for Nutritional Wellness 


  • Essentials Program

            The Basics of Healthy Eating


Nutritionist Kathi Naumann presents options tailored to individual needs. She begins her work at her client’s current dietary level and gradually introduces foods that are tastier and healthier. Her passion is to guide and teach her clients until they choose to stop sabotaging their health by their food choices and start providing their bodies with the building blocks that are necessary for health. Kathi helps you incorporate traditional, whole foods based on the work of  Dr.Terri Wahls and Dr. Weston Price. Food and life balance is based on the ayurveda and yin/yang theories.


The Essentials Program is designed to be effective as well as economical.  This package is inexpensive yet packed with the information and guidance needed to understand and implement a healthier, whole foods diet.

You will receive:


  • One on One, private counseling sessions with Kathi Naumann

  • Hand outs

  • Booklets

  • Quick and Easy Cooking Lessons

  • Food Samples, Self care products, Books and other giveaways

  • Recommendations for books, websites, and food suppliers


The following options are available:


Individual sessions: One on One Private Sessions (55 minutes)   $85


Mini Package: 3 individual sessions (55 minutes)                          $235 (savings of $20)


Mom & Me sessions                                                                            $90

(55 min. sessions for parents & kids 12 to 21 yrs old)                                      


Mom & Me Mini Package: 3 sessions                                                $250 (savings of $20)


On Track Follow – up sessions (25 minutes)                                    $50


Essentials Package: 5 weekly individual sessions                           $400 (savings of $25)


  • Immersion Program

           3 Months – 10 sessions to Ultimate Health                         $1000 total


Our Immersion Program is designed to guide you to a healthier, happier, and vibrant life. Real change takes time and experience shows that a 3 month program lays the best foundation for permanent change. Health eating and lifestyle can be fun and easy, and Kathi is here to support you in creating an individualized program that fits you and your busy lifestyle. No more counting calories or relying on will power of roller coaster diets, but discovering what really nourishes you from the inside out.


Kathi is committed to your health and wellness and is here to support you wherever you are on your health journey. Learn a new way to eat (not a diet) that will improve your mood and energy.


10 Weekly 55 minutes appointments

Recommended notes, recipes and handouts

3 Quick and Easy Cooking classes

Books, food samples, self-care products and other giveaways

Recommendations for books, websites and food suppliers

Written Exercise Program

Goal Setting

Eating for Energy Plan



  • Special Interest Group Classes

            Special interest and cooking classes are open to the public

           (45 minute group sessions – must register, minimum class size 4 people)


Cooking Classes (seasonal cooking) learn simple, fun and creative ways to

prepare healthy delicious meals                                                                                        $30


Blood Sugar Blues – Prevent diabetes with whole foods and lifestyle changes           $20


Eating for Energy – Learn what foods nourish our bodies at the cellular level          $20


Eating with the Seasons - Reclaim your natural balance                                              $20


How to feed kids – What exactly to do to incorporate healthy foods into a Childs     $20

diet (without them even realizing it)


How to make time & stay motivated to get healthy                                                        $20





Kathi Naumann

Holistic Health Coach, Senior Fitness Trainer

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