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Patricia W. Deitz, LCSW-C

Chester River Behavioral

Health and Wellness

 EST. 1997
Pat Deitz, LCSW-C


University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Social Work and Community Planning, M.S.W.

Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT, B.A. Sociology-Anthropology


Services Provided

Individual psychotherapy for adults

Areas of Specialization

Women’s issues through the developmental lifespan

Positive Aging for individuals age 60 and above

Challenges of caregivers, seniors and elders

Adapting to life with dementia, Parkinson's Disease and other chronic illness

Grief and Loss

Adoption-related issues for adults: Prospective parents, parents, and adoptees

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical

I have been a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 35 years. In various settings, I have worked with people as they experience emotional and social challenges as they cope with the experiences of life. I have worked in private practice in the Washington D.C. area, in-patient and out-patient public mental health settings, and in school-based mental health in Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties. I directed Healthy Families Queen Anne’s/Talbot, a research-based early childhood parent support program. My practice style is conversational, reflective and respectful. In therapy, my approach is to help clients learn more about how their past emotional experiences and current beliefs influence their thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are expressed in words and actions. Those words and actions in turn affect our life experience and our relationships with family, friends, work associates and community. At the first one or two sessions, clients are invited to describe the circumstances that are causing them to seek counseling at this time, and their goals for the experience. I will gather some background information about family, work, social support, health, substance use and similar important items. Together we will create a plan for the focus and duration of our work together. I often suggest that clients do some “homework” between sessions, which might include practicing stress management techniques, journaling, or reflecting on a question or two.


Philosophy of Care

"Life contains ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows."

My philosophy of care comes from my philosophy of life. I believe that we are all seeking the same things in life—to maximize happiness and minimize suffering. This can be difficult, because people and circumstances, including ourselves, are always changing. Delights and challenges are present in every life—and often at the same time. I believe that becoming careful observers of our own reactions and behavior allows us to find inner stability regardless of what is happening around us. It is also valuable to learn about human emotions and brain functioning. My hope in my work is to help clients rediscover their natural capacities to observe life honestly and to make sound choices. People come to terms with many situations—including the past—that cannot be changed. People tap into their own wisdom and courage. It becomes possible to choose words and actions that are more likely to generate good outcomes for ourselves and those around us. It becomes possible to take joy in life while also being totally realistic about its disappointments. I believe that expanding our perspective allows us to embrace all of life with deep appreciation. It is my privilege to work with clients on this journey.

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