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Richard G. Wirtz, PsyD

Chester River Behavioral

Health and Wellness

 EST. 1997
Dr. Richard Wirtz


Baylor University, Psy.D.

Loyola College, M.A.

Franklin & Marshall College, B.A.



Licensed Psychologist State of Maryland


Services Provided

Individual Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults; Couples Therapy;

Group Therapy;

Case Consultation;

Psychological Assessments; and Pre-Employment Screenings for High Risk careers


Areas of Specialization

Psychosocial care of Cancer patients and their families; Services to Law Enforcement and Emergency Services agencies and personnel

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Wirtz has over 35 years of experience in human services and mental health. Licensed as a psychologist in the state of Maryland since 1984, Dr. Wirtz provides outpatient psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation services. He has provided these services as a solo practitioner, and now through the offices of Chester River Behavioral Health, since 1986. In addition to his office-based services his experience has included providing and directing emergency mental health assessments through the Kent County Health Department; providing outpatient care for public mental health programs in Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties; providing and coordinating mental health care for incarcerated individuals in three Eastern Shore counties; and providing mental health training for law enforcement and correctional personnel. Dr. Wirtz has also provided inpatient consultations and directed the Cancer Counseling Program at Kent & Queen Anne’s Hospital; provided mental health services and case consultation in inpatient and outpatient substance abuse programs; and served as a provider of critical incident intervention to members of the Maryland State Police and other local law enforcement agencies. He has served as Adjunct Faculty at Washington College teaching courses in Personality and Intellectual Assessment. Dr. Wirtz is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Maryland Psychological Association.


Philosophy of Care

Emotional issues can be thought of in the same manner as physical illness. We are affected by stressors to our system either from the outside world or our internal world. When our emotional system becomes overwhelmed by either of these influences we become symptomatic.The role of mental health care is to identify how our emotional system is being compromised and assist in reestablishing a healthy balance. Sometimes this happens simply by reducing the impact of external stressors. This can be done by developing healthier patterns of thought, identifying constructive avenues for emotional expression, and / or learning techniques to help calm and quiet our bodies internally. At other times, regaining balance means exploring some of our inner experiences and connecting those with how we are currently feeling. All of these are done in the context of the relationship with a professional that you trust to demonstrate their concern, be responsive to your needs, and treat you with respect. As with medical care, you may access mental health care off and on over the course of your life time. Sometimes this will be for the flair up of familiar problems and at others for the treatment of totally new conditions when the challenges of life overwhelm our coping abilities or trigger the emergence of intolerable emotional states.


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