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May is Mental Health Month

Public Open House ~ Saturday, May 17 10:00 am – 1:00pm


  • Behavioral Health Screenings for:



  • Consultations for:

Addiction Interventions

Relationship Counseling

  • Presentations (unless noted, presentations will last 25 minutes)

10:00am Mindfulness and Health Dr. Richard Wirtz will discuss mindfulness and how it can assist in healthy decision making.

10:30am Positive Aging Patricia Deitz, LCSW-C approaches aging as a unique stage of life. Pat will explore how aging research and human creativity can help us experience aging as a positive evolutionary passage.

11:00am Meditation 101: Calm the Mind, Relax the Body Meditation benefits those who are having stress-related symptoms as well as those who wish to maintain optimal health. Join Elizabeth Bohaker for a guided meditation experience. 45 minutes.

11:30am Intro to Yoga Jennifer Howard will describe the health benefits of body awareness, alignment and the coordination of breathing and movement.

12:00pm Understanding and Treating Codependency Addictions Specialist Sarah Smith-Putman will describe how codependency develops in a household where there was addiction, mental or chronic illness. Learn how to recover from codependency set boundaries, relax and have fulfilling relationships.

12:30pm Promoting Healthy Minds in Children Dr. Teresa Schaefer will address positive reinforcement as a tool for enhancing children’s capacity to withstand the stressors inherent in life. Parents, stepparents, grandparents, and teachers are welcome.

-– please call 410-778-5550 to reserve your spot or return to our home page @ & send us an email

Enhancing Wellness. Realizing Potential.

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