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CRBH Continues Care --Virtually

These waters may be uncharted, but we are navigating.

As part of our efforts here at CRBH to

a) continue uninterrupted services to our clients; and,

b) contribute to the greater good by decreasing opportunities for virus spread:

We have changed our service delivery model exclusively to telemedicine.

This isn't a forever change, but it is for now.

If you are an existing client and have not yet heard from your therapist, please feel free to send us an email at

If you are a new client wishing to initiate services, please call us at 410-778-5550 during normal business hours.

At Chester River Behavioral Health, we remain committed to your care and uninterrupted delivery of the services you have come to rely on.

Please take care of yourself.

  • connect socially, just not physically -- write, call, text, email, tweet,

  • limit your media exposure in both time and content

  • be certain your COVID sources are reliable

  • drink warm fluids

  • read our BLOG posts

  • practice deep breathing

  • stretch, shake out the tension

  • color

  • garden

  • walk

  • be well


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