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Growth and Changes

Just as individuals grow and change, so also do companies. Chester River Behavioral Health has, over the years, grown in numbers, services, and physical plant size.

First recognized as a legal entity (Limited Liability Corporation) in 1997, CRBH as a company was brought into being through the efforts of Richard G. Wirtz and Pamela Cambardella. Having provided outpaitient therapy services independent of one another for many years before their collaboration, Rick and Pam began to invite independent contractors to practice with them at their Morgnec office location. Teresa I. Schaefer was one of these contractors. In 2001, she became Chester River's third partner.

There are now nine practitioners providing outpatient behavioral health services under the auspices of Chester River Behavioral Health. Services, originally limited to teens and adults in 1997, are now available to individuals (toddlers through geriatrics), families, couples, and groups. Not only is the population served broader, but so also are the services. Substance abuse services were first offered in 2006. And more recently, clients are able to access bariatric evaluations and group therapy.

Physically, we have grown from three offices in 1997, five offices in 2001, to seven offices in 2010, and this March 2014 we moved into our very own building. This building, located at 952 Washington Avenue, offers us many opportunities to further develop the services we now offer. This private, easy to access location provides off street parking and a spacious, comfortable waiting room.

2014 promises to be a year of change. In addition to the move to our own building, our structure at the top is looking a bit different. On January 1, Pam Cambardella retired from her role as partner and now works with CRBH as an independent contractor. She will continue to provide the same outstanding services she has always provided four days a week. With Pam's retirement came the welcoming of Sarah Smith-Putman into the partnership. Sarah brings many new ideas and a background in fitness that will launch our offering of Wellness-related services in the not to distant future.

We are excited about all of these changes and hope to be a continued part of your change. If you have not before paid us a visit, please consider scheduling a consultation where we may discuss with you how we may help you grow and change into the person you wish to be.

Please check back, as it is our goal to provide regular updates to our practice, and the fields of behavioral health and wellness.


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