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Reiki for Recovery

Reiki for Recovery

Written by Elizabeth Bohaker of White lotus Holistics

Reiki should not be considered a “cure” for alcoholism or addiction, nor replace traditional treatment, but it can assist with recovery and make it immensely more tolerable. In the same way that Reiki is used as a complementary treatment for disease, such as cancer, heart, respiratory and other disorders, it is a welcome addition to regular treatment and provides vital support to recovery efforts.

People recovering from an addiction have many challenges to overcome during the early days of their sobriety; potentially facing substantial stress both physically and emotionally as well as feelings of instability. It can often take months for things to settle down and during this time people can achieve great benefit from practicing relaxation techniques to include Reiki or Meditation. In addition to the relaxation and healing benefits one can achieve from these two techniques—they may also provide health and spiritual benefits.

Those suffering from drug and alcohol withdrawals can also benefit from exposure to the Universal Life Energy also known as Reiki. Withdrawal from chemical dependency is extremely stressful, both physically and emotionally. Symptoms include muscle pain, bone aches, headaches, vomiting, severe and uncontrollable shakes, diarrhea, cravings, sleep disorders, loss of appetite and extreme moodiness. In my practice, White Lotus Holistics, I have found Reiki to be extremely helpful in relieving the physical symptoms of withdrawal that can extend well into recovery for some people, while simultaneously calming the body and mind.

Typically addiction clients have already suffered from tremendous emotional pain. The disease of addiction creates reservoirs of grief and guilt. Reiki and successful treatment of addictive disorders can provide an environment of acceptance that promotes self-love; which is vital to long-term recovery efforts. Reiki can fit this requirement perfectly. Many clients claimed that the first time they ever felt unconditionally loved was during a Reiki session. Clients often release pent up emotions during Reiki, and this too helps release built-up stress in the body and psyche without the client having to speak or re-live these past traumas. Because of the calming effect of Reiki, it enables someone to remember an incident without experiencing the original pain; allowing many of these clients to experience peace for the first time in their lives.

Elizabeth Bohaker M.A. is now offering White Lotus Holistics: Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and Guided Meditations at Chester River Behavioral Health Wellness in Chestertown, MD. Feel free to call 443.786.7108 to register for a session or to hear more about these healing modalities.

Elizabeth is a Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master & Spiritual Counselor, as well as an Empowerment, Wellness, and Transformation Coach specializing in Energy Medicine Therapy.

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